Shafira Ayusandra Ramadhina Putri , Indonesia , Female Model


Shafira Ayusandra Ramadhina Putri  #Bekasi, Jawa Barat.

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Hi, my name is Shafira Ayusandra Ramadhina Putri, a female from Bekasi, West Java, born in 2000. Currently, I am a student and my basic talent is photo modeling. I joined because I want to develop my skills and demonstrate that my talent can be nurtured. I have participated in modeling competitions since childhood and was active in organizations such as OSIS and traditional dance groups in high school. I am still actively involved in modeling competitions during my university studies. 

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Join like me, as long as you have strong talent and confidence. Regards, Shafira Ayusandra Ramadhina Putri, MODEL USER ID: 2121.

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